‘Navy Stripe (Light)’ Mohair Medi Socks

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Better-for-you socks. Made with a combination of mohair and bamboo to aid in the therapeutic support for symptoms of diabetes, circulatory problems, Raynaud’s syndrome and sweaty feet.

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The capillary nature of mohair means that it has natural wickability and absorbs moisture quickly, always keeping your feet dry.


The smooth fibres and quick drying properties of mohair help to reduce chafing and prevent blisters.


The breathability and insulating properties of both mohair and bamboo keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.


The natural breathability and smooth fibres of mohair and bamboo prevent the build-up of bacteria and keep your feet fresh.


Bamboo has an inherent antibacterial agent called ‘bamboo kun’ that helps prevent fungal infections and is completely hypoallergenic.


Bamboo is naturally silky soft on the skin and incredibly comfortable to wear. These are socks you’ll never want to take off.


They are stretchy. They are fitted. They tend to go back to their original size. And they fit sizes 5 through 12.


“Many sock brands claim to have the best diabetic socks, but having tried various other brands, I have found that the Mohair Sock Doctor socks truly do what they claim to do –keeping the feet dry, fungus-free with a non-restrictive top band. Thank you for a great product.”

Neil van der Merwe, Orthotist Prosthetist, Mobility Assist.

“We assist numerous patients with problematic feet, these patients need special attention and care when it comes to their feet. We have received excellent feedback from our patients. These socks are comfortable, suitable for our diabetic patients and it doesn’t hurt that these socks come in a variety of prints and colours.”

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  • Non-restrictive top to prevent ʻelastic biteʼ.
  • Super soft bamboo graduated fit on the leg with extra stretch so as not to hinder circulation.
  • Fully cushioned mohair foot for maximum moisture absorption + protection.
  • Low profile seam for added comfort.


27% Mohair
27% Merino Wool
21% Bamboo
5% Cotton
20% Polyamide